definition of sexy

What is SEXY? An enticing glance, a bare thigh or an elegant throat flowing into a plunging neckline? Nothing personifies SEXY more completely than a beautiful woman comfortable in her own skin.


"For me, I love feeling free and being able to move. In addition, a woman's body is beautiful, no matter what size (or mark or attachment we have to us). It's something I want to show to empower other women. I model with my sensor [diabetes monitor] and my pump pieces on me. I was self conscious at first but now its just a normal thing. It also gives me a confidence when I choose to model lingerie or nude. It reinforces and strengthens my resolve, letting me know that I can do what I want with my body."


[Tee Scott] is one of the most talented, kind, and genuine people you will ever meet. Scott always makes me feel like a million bucks when he shoots me for any event. He truly cares about each of his clients and makes sure they know it. He is so easy to work with. He listens to what you want and goes above and beyond your expectations.

As someone who hates how I look in pictures, I can honestly say that I think Scott made me feel and look beautiful in each of my photos. I am constantly looking at them and making myself resist sharing a picture on social media every single day! He truly knows how to capture your personality and makes you enjoy the experience so much.

Scott is such a delight to work with and I recommend him to everyone! The next time I need a photographer, there will be no other competition.

why boudoir

I love women...all women. I believe this comes from having been raised by my mother, who happens to be the MOST phenomenal woman on the planet! (I LOVE you, Ma!) I want to create a safe space for women to express, explore, celebrate and simply EXPERIENCE their sensuality. After all, that is one of the unique Blessings of being a woman, as expressed to me by a dear friend of mine.

Creating that one-of-a-kind experience that is a proper boudoir photoshoot is my ultimate goal. I think EVERY woman deserves to have her hair and makeup done for her, then have the opportunity to get all glammed up in great-looking clothes (or lingerie) and have some exquisite images captured of her expressions as timeless keepsakes. With all of the work that most women do for everyone else, what better way to celebrate yourself than to be treated like the queen that you are...and have the physical memories as constant reminders?

I watched my mother work, take care of my sister & I, care for and work with my step-father (who had health issues) and tend to her mother, who moved in after we discovered she was suffering with Alzheimer's...all before I graduated high school. She afforded us every pleasure she could, but we never went cold or hungry. We were far from rich or even well-off. She taught us that struggle and sacrifice will pay off one day. Every great lesson of Love and Life I learned from her. And I guess that feeling formed the basis of my lifelong love affair with women.

So, my father sparked my love of photography and my mother instilled the core beliefs that grew into my love of women. Stating these facts makes it seem obvious that I was destined to photograph women. But, it took me 50 years to realize what it took 50 seconds to write LOL

I picked up my camera again 5 or 6 years ago because I was preparing to retire from my part-time career in the military. I wanted to start doing something that could eventually replace or surpass my part-time income, but also something that I WANTED to do. I was at the point in my life where I no longer felt the need to do anything I didn't have a DESIRE to do. In walks photography, after 20 years on the sidelines.

I then had to decide what I wanted to start shooting. I searched through hundreds, if not thousands of images of literally everything. (Shout out to Google!) One day, it occurred to me that I'd never shot fashion, but I'd always been interested in it. Not the frantic pace, the paparazzi lifestyle or the insane competitiveness, but simply for shooting the women and the clothes. It was at that moment I decided to focus on shooting images of women.

My life situation probably had a lot to do with the specific choice of focusing on lingerie, swimsuit and nude photography. At the time, I was 16 years into an unhappy marriage with absolutely no hope of reconciliation. I had decided to stay stuck due to some misguided sense of duty to my wife, who I knew had few options and no intention of making any moves towards leaving the marriage. I had long since ceased feeling any physical or emotional attraction for her, so I had repressed everything. So, I'm sure along with my love of women was a side of releasing pent up aggression.