Photography as Art

I've often contemplated whether taking photographs is actually an artistic endeavor. Over my years, there have been arguments made for and against this notion. After all, models have to position their bodies and situate their facial expressions to capture the attention and imagination. Hair, makeup and costume artisans take many actions towards creating an interesting subject. All you photographers do is press a button. Right?

Enter a Heading

Press a button? This is fact. We do press a button to capture the moment. However, the art comes with everything BEFORE pressing that button. Pressing the button captures the magic, one's knowledge and skill with painting, sculpting and molding the visual representation of a unique moment in time are the elements used to create art. The ability to set a mood, show an emotion or tell a story with the presence (or absence) of light is definitely art. These actions come together to create magic.

“Eheu fugaces labuntur anni. Quam bene vivas refert non quam diu.”